Experience the Thrill of Live Online Craps

Originating in the United States during World War II, craps quickly gained popularity and is now one of the most thrilling table games found in Las Vegas casinos. Today, it has also become a top choice for online casino gaming. In this fast-paced game, players place bets on the outcome of one or multiple rolls of a pair of dice.

Live craps brings the electrifying atmosphere of a casino right into your home. While it may not be exactly like playing at a physical casino, many argue that it’s even better. Online casinos have been offering a variety of games such as live poker, roulette, blackjack, and other popular table games for some time now. And now, they have added live online craps to their lineup.

Experience the thrill and excitement of playing craps online, one of the most popular casino games of the 21st century. With a variety of bets to choose from and a slim house edge in favor of players, it’s no wonder that craps is a fan favorite.

Online casinos often feature craps in their extensive gaming portfolios, providing endless entertainment for enthusiasts. And with live tables offering real-time monitoring and a variety of bets, you can enjoy the game with minimal risk of error.

At New Casino, we’re here to guide you through everything you need to know about playing craps games online. We’ll even share some specific strategies for you to try during your sessions. Plus, find the best online casinos for playing craps on this page.

If you’re new to craps, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive guide includes basic strategies and betting tips to help beginners get started on the right foot.

The Best Live Casinos for Craps – How Do We Choose?

Luckily, many online casinos now offer live craps games, including those reviewed by us here at New Casino. But what sets these casinos apart? Let us show you how we select only the best live craps casinos.

First and foremost, every brand we list undergoes a thorough evaluation process. While offering a good variety of online craps games is important, it’s not enough to provide players with an exceptional experience. That’s why we examine each online casino with one question in mind: how does it enhance our players’ gaming experience?

To answer this question, we conduct extensive research on all featured casinos. For craps players specifically, we look for options like free play and a diverse gaming library. That way, when you need a break from craps, you can enjoy other games like slots and blackjack.

Additionally, we ensure that banking options are top-notch, so you can easily withdraw your winnings without any hidden fees. Whether you prefer using third-party options like Neteller and Giropay or pay by phone methods like Boku, we want to make sure you can access your winnings quickly and securely. Plus, we even feature some of the best Bitcoin casinos for playing real money craps.

Last but not least, player security and support are our top priorities. That’s why we go the extra mile to check the competency of customer care teams and the level of security offered by each casino. This includes using cutting-edge technology to protect players’ personal information and obtaining reputable licenses from authorities such as MGA and UKGC.

How to Play Live Craps

With multiple wagers available in-game, craps is designed around the pass line bet. Simply place your chips on the pass line to join in on the action – just be aware that some bets require the dealer to place them on your behalf.

The game begins with a come-out roll as the shooter rolls the dice. If you’ve placed a bet on the pass line, you’ll win if they roll a 7 or 11 – but lose if they roll a 2, 3 or 12. Any other number becomes a “point.”

If they roll this point again before rolling a 7 (also known as “sevening out”), they keep rolling with new come bets. But if they seven out before making their point, it’s another player’s turn to shoot.

Craps can be as simple as betting on a single number and winning or losing with each roll, or it can be more complex with multiple bets on the same action. As you can imagine, the latter can take some time to play out.

Each area of the craps table represents a different bet. Placing chips on the pass line is considered a pass bet (also known as a multi-roll wager). You can also place bets by putting your chips in the designated areas marked with images of dice, like 11 for example. In live craps, dealers help manage come bets on behalf of players. Other common bets include don’t pass, don’t come, and field bets – simply place your chips in their respective marked areas.

Bets in craps are divided into two categories: single-roll and multi-roll. As their names suggest, you either win or lose on one roll with single-roll bets, while multi-roll bets may take several rolls before they are settled. Multi-roll bets offer higher odds and lower house edge but keep in mind that some may require a commission fee (generally 5% of winnings).

The Rules of Single-Roll Bets

Before we dive into individual bets, let’s go over some common payouts you’ll encounter at most casinos. For example, betting on 2 typically pays out at 30-1 – although some establishments in the UK and Australia may offer slightly different odds like 31-1 or even 33-1 if you’re lucky enough to find them. Generally speaking, higher payouts mean lower house edge.

Certain types of games also pay “odds-for-1,” which means your initial wager is included in your payout amount. For instance, if you make a winning bet at 30-1 odds, you’ll receive €30 for every €1 you bet.

The Field

With a house edge of 2.78% or 5.56%, the Field bet is one of the most popular in craps. To win, the next roll must be a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12. If it lands on a 2 or a number between ten and twelve (e.g., ten is made up of two fives), winners are paid out at either at odds of either 2-1 or occasionally even as high as3-1.

2 or 12

If you bet on a specific number like two or twelve and it rolls on the next turn, you win big with odds of up to30-1.

3 or 11

Similar to betting on two numbers above but with slightly better odds at15-1 and an overall house edge of11.11%. You’re betting that the shooter will roll either three or eleven (whichever you choose) before rolling any other number.

Any Craps

You’ll win if the dice land on any combination that totals two (snake eyes), three (ace-deuce), or twelve (boxcars). Odds for this type of bet are set at7-1 while the house edge remains steady at11.11%.

Hop Bets

In hop bets, players are essentially betting on specific numbers to come up when the dice are rolled. For example “6-3 hopping” means you’re betting that both dice will land on six and three specifically – all other combinations result in a loss for this type of bet. Easy hop bets (where numbers are different but still add up to the same total) pay out at 15-1, while hard hop bets (where both dice have the same number) offer odds of 30-1.

The Rules of Multi-Roll Bets

Multi-roll bets require several rolls before being settled and typically offer better odds and lower house edge compared to single-roll bets. However, some multi-roll bets come with a commission fee (usually 5% of winnings), so keep that in mind when making your wagers.

Pass Line

Experience the excitement of the pass line sequence, starting with a come-out roll. How can you tell if it’s a come-out? Simply look for the disc placed in a corner of the layout with the black side facing up.

If the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 on the come-out, your pass bet wins while all other bets lose. But if any other number is rolled, it becomes a point and must be rolled again before a 7 appears. With only a 1.41% house edge, this bet is definitely worth considering.

Try Your Luck with Come Bets

The rules are similar to pass bets, but this wager is placed after there’s already a point established on the board for pass bettors. If the next roll is also a come-out, then you want to place a pass bet. However, if there’s already a point on the board, this next roll will serve as your starting point for your come bet.

For example, let’s say that during the come-out roll, a 6 is rolled and becomes the point. If on their next turn, the shooter rolls either 7 or 11, you win! But watch out for landing on any other numbers like 2,3 or even worse -12 – because these will result in losing your come bet.

Bet Against The House with Don’t Pass and Don’t Come

If rooting against others sounds appealing to you then look no further than don’t pass and don’t come bets! These polar opposites of Pass Line and Come bets are popular among players who prefer betting against other players instead of with them.

Place Your Bets at Any Time

The best part about place bets? You don’t have to wait for the shooter to establish a point before choosing your number. Bet on the shooter to roll your chosen number before rolling a 7 and enjoy winning at 7-6 odds.

But be aware that all other numbers are insignificant in this bet. Many players choose 6 and 8 as these are the most frequently rolled winning figures, with odds of 1.52% on 6 or 8, 6.67% on 4 or10, and a solid 4% chance of winning on either5 or9.

Buy Your Way to Victory

With buy bets, you get paid at true odds – but there’s one catch: you must pay the dealer a commission of5%. For example, if you buy an amount worth €20 for the number4, you will pay an extra €1 commission.

If you win your bet, however, the house pays out at2-1 true odds. Keep in mind that some casinos only charge commissions on winning bets which can lower their already small house edge to below2%. But in every other case, expect an average of4.76% house edge.

Lay Down Your Odds for Free

The best part about this type of bet? The house has no edge! That’s right – with lay odds/free odds bets, the winnings are paid at true odds without any commission fees involved. However keep in mind that players still need to invest money into their initial pass or come bets before being able to place their free odd bet.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Live Craps Experience

If you know what you’re doing then craps can be a thrilling game with great odds – but beware because it can also be quite dreadful if played incorrectly!

Your betting strategies will ultimately determine your success in this game. Keep in mind that the rules of live craps are slightly different from RNG craps, so it’s easy to get confused. To help you out, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Keep Your Eyes on the Dice

The game uses two six-sided dice and you’re betting on the combined value that lands face-up. You cannot place separate wagers, so make sure to keep an eye on the table during each roll.

2. Buy Credits for Easy Access

Our recommended craps casinos offer a variety of banking options for players to start their journey with ease. Unlike other games, with live craps you can buy-in directly at the table or use leftover chips from previous games.

This means that you can place your bet directly onto the table before each round begins without having to hand cash over to a dealer like in other live casino games.

3. Get Familiar with The Staff

In online casinos, all functions are controlled by computers – but in live craps it’s humans who call the shots! The general craps table is managed by four personnel:the stickman, boxman and two dealers.

The dealer holds a long stick used to push chips across the table and also pushes dice towards players at the beginning of each round.He also manages propositions bets placed at the center of the table.

Elevate your online casino experience with live craps, a thrilling game that adds to the excitement of land-based casinos. It’s perfect for beginners, relying more on luck than individual skills.

A social game, where players cheer for the dice shooter, creating a sense of camaraderie. While nothing beats rolling the dice in person, live craps offers an equally immersive experience.

Experience the thrill of playing live craps for real money as multiple cameras allow you to interact with dealers and fellow punters in real-time.

Veteran gamblers are turning to live online craps to spice up their online gambling routine. As popular games like video poker and slots lose their appeal, players are seeking out new titles that offer equal excitement.

Discover the best deals and rewards at our listed live craps casinos. From welcome bonuses to deposit bonuses and even free play mode – there’s something for everyone. Keep an eye out for the latest offerings in your region at New Casino!

We’ve handpicked the top online casinos for playing real money craps. With free games, convenient banking options, and juicy casino bonuses – these casinos have it all. Plus, we’re constantly adding new options so be sure to check back before you play!

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